Assess Current Traffic And Build An Improvement Plan

Assess Current Traffic and Build an Improvement Plan

The desire of every website owner is to get visits without using ads to drive views.

The goal is to turn up on page 1 of a Google search. Search engine optimization (SEO) and loading your site with paid backlinks are a traditional strategy. Nowadays, these aren’t a long-term strategy.

The algorithm that Google uses to determine page ranking is constantly changing, so it’s best to utilize a balanced method of SEO, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and organic traffic.

Organic traffic comes from the result of a simple search. This is best done by creating a sustainable platform for your business that stimulates and encourages customers while attracting the organic traffic your site needs.

Here’s a list of seven proven strategies for increasing your organic traffic:

1. Assess What Is Working. Thoroughly evaluate your web traffic. Analyze the patterns. When is the traffic highest? Which pages are viewed most and how much time are they spending there?

Break down where traffic is coming from.This will help you streamline your focus as you move forward. Break down the percentage of your traffic that comes as a result of your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube efforts.

If you’ve been spending a lot of time increasing your YouTube presence but only a small amount of traffic is coming from that source, it’s time to readjust your focus to a medium with a higher payoff.

2. Ensure Your Site is Mobile Friendly. Mobile users are becoming more and more common. If your site isn’t user-friendly on a cell phone, they will quickly bounce off and find one that is.

Keep in mind that your site will also rank higher in search engines if it’s mobile friendly.

3. Know Your Audience. Knowing who your potential customers are, their needs, and what you can do for them will help streamline content to them.

Don’t give them with an overt sales pitch, provide them with valuable resources that showcase what you offer. Be a valuable asset to them. Attracting new customers should be viewed as a series of steps.

4. Don’t Underestimate the Value of Social Media. Facebook and Twitter will allow you to quickly, earn traffic by engaging with potential customers and building relationships.

It takes several “touches” before someone becomes a customer. Using social media will help you build brand awareness, which will drive organic traffic to your website.

Develop the habit of answering questions asked by your followers, share the products or service available on your website and other valuable content as well. A weak social media presence is unacceptable.

5. Create Useful Blogs. Write posts that address customers frequently asked questions. What questions do people want to be answered? Answer them in your blog posts.

Ask your sales team what they feel would be helpful for customers to know. Educate your customer about your company.

6. Create Timeless Content. By creating content that stays evergreen, you can ensure that information will always be useful whether it’s today or five years from now.

Figure out your industry’s primary keywords and create content that incorporates what potential customers are looking for. These pages tend to maintain high rankings.

7. Quality Over Quantity. Don’t flood your site with fluffy content just to have content. Focus on quality and filling a legitimate customer need with informative, useful content.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you can begin implementing these seven ideas today.