Creating Content That Gets Shared


rules for creating content that generates lots of links
Content that gets a lot of backlinks is content that draws in many people. But what makes content interesting in the first place?

Consider these seven factors:

  1. Original — If it’s never been seen before, then people are bound to find it interesting.
  2. Informative — No one likes fluff. Content that shares important information gets more attention.
  3. Entertaining — A bit of humor adds a light touch to otherwise boring content.
  4. Practical — People like tips they can easily apply in real life. No wonder “life hacks” are so popular.
  5. Visual — Great design instantly attracts attention in a way text can’t. Support articles with photos for added appeal.
  6. Interactive — A question or call to action can engage the audience in a way that makes the content more shareable. Content presented as games and quizzes also offer high engagement.
  7. Timely — Fads come and go, but hijack on popular trends to boost interest.

Thanks to the folks over at Red Website Design for this awesome infographic!