Google Alerts Alternative: Talkwalker Alerts


Want to track web mentions of your business?

Are you seeking a Google Alerts alternative?

Time to Consider Talkwalker Alerts!

As web and mobile Internet use has increased over the past three years, an important consideration for businesses is monitoring the mention of their company name and or product/service names.

It can be very important to know if your product is listed in a industry review, or if a third-party was linking to material on your site. Any web mentions can be important to review to be aware of sentiment and to be able to respond. For instance, if a negative mention occurs in a website review, by being aware of it and responding promptly it could change the outcome of the situation.

Keeping track of what is said on the vast world wide web can be difficult, if not impossible, on your own. You can spend hours scouring websites, forums and social media for discussions about you or your business. Or, you can use web tools such as Talkwalker Alerts to find and categorize key words on the internet, and that information delivered to you.

What is Talkwalker Alerts?

Talkwalker Alerts is a web monitoring program that searches out keywords on the internet. As the keywords are found, Talkwalker Alerts lets you know by sending you an email. You can then follow the link to the discussion. It’s an easy way to key abreast of mentions of your company, your own name, or your products and services across the Internet.

What are keywords?

Keywords are words or phrases used by many web tools that are related to your business.

Many alerts use the business name, website domain, primary product/service names, or top employee and owner names as keywords. Talkwalker Alerts allows you to setup alerts for any keywords or keyword phrases and then it does the work of scanning the web and compiling any items found and sending you a email with the results.


Alerts are useful in a variety of ways.

Alerts can be set to arrive immediately as they are discovered, one a day as a summary, or even once a week. I use once a day summary email alerts primarily. It is helpful as it enables me to know where and how our company is mentioned on the web, giving me a link to the web page(s) and therefore a quick and easy way to go, view, and assess.

Second, alerts can help you keep track of business trends. For instance, if your business is a supplier to the recreational vehicle industry, you likely want to keep up with issues in the RV world and you could set alerts on keywords or phrases for the industry. This way when news comes out, you can be assured you will know and stay up on the latest information.

Finally, Talkwalker Alerts can be used to track and stay current on your business competition. This takes the work out of you and your team spending time searching for news, it’s simply setup and delivered to you at the rate you wish.

The best part about this tool? It’s free! Simply go to to setup your keyword terms for tracking. Experiment with the frequency and keyword phrases over a few day time period and you can then find the type and amount that is helpful for your business.

Talkwalker Alerts is very simple to setup and use. So, if you own or manage a business, keep Talkwalker Alerts in mind as a pro-active business monitoring tool.

You never know who is talking!