Shorten the Time to Live: Website Copywriting for Manufacturers


Manufacturing has lagged behind in digital marketing for a long time. Four years ago, for instance, a research conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review (with the backing of Deloitte Digital) found that only 15% of manufacturers had a clear digital marketing plan. Those findings were recently confirmed by a Cognition Agency study which found that only 65% of manufacturers utilize online content (mostly on social media).

You need an effective digital marketing plan and, more importantly, a proper web copywriting strategy if you’re to take your business to the next level and grow leads online. We’ll find out why shortly. But first…, a definition.

What is Web Copywriting?

Web copywriting is the process of writing web material for a digital business. It is the web pages and blog posts that make up the website for a company. The result of the copywriting process, also known as a copy, aims to increase brand awareness, inform and educate the visitor, and ultimately persuade the target audience to take a particular sales-related action.

Benefits of Web Copywriting for Manufacturing

It helps businesses connect with future customers

Every customer relationship, be it online or offline, starts with a connection. On the internet, it starts when a user comes across content they like and takes interest in the solutions on offer. Web copy is incredibly effective at sparking such connections. It reminds your audience of their current challenges and then offers a solution, leaving interested consumers with no option but to contact you for further inquiries.

It boosts product visibility

Manufacturing frequently struggles with products sitting around gathering dust because no one knows about them outside the warehouse. Until a prospective customer comes to your store, they may remain in the dark about your new solutions.

Web copywriting can be used to boost product visibility. Rather than waiting for prospective customers to discover your solutions, strategic web copywriting puts your marketing messages right at the doorsteps of hot prospects. When done properly and consistently your website can begin to rank for important industry terms, product terms, and as the answer to specific questions,  your ideal customers are searching for online.

It brings a fresh perspective to marketing

A common reason why some products in manufacturing remain unsold for long periods is poor selling. Since manufacturing is your primary expertise, you may not have the right words to appeal to your clientele from a web copywriting perspective.

Web copywriters and agencies write marketing copies for a living – they know what words consumers want to hear and what content channels to utilize. Above all, they bring a fresh outlook and are likely to suggest different, more-effective ways to sell your solutions.

3 Web Copywriting Tips to Accelerate Your Growth

Hire a copywriter, or outsource

Not everyone can write compelling web copy. For this reason, your options include hiring an in-house copywriting specialist. Conversely,  outsource your copywriting tasks to an established firm. For SMBs, outsourcing is a better option that is cheaper and helps ensure you get the quality you need rather than tasking the admin assistant to try and draft something.

Sell solutions, not features

Yes, consumers are excited by innovative products, great quality, and awesome customer service. However, that’s not what makes them take out their wallets. What makes people really want to buy a product is the answer to the question; “how do we benefit?” Focus on this at all times. Rather than sell features, dwell on how your product solves pertinent problems your ideal customers are asking.

Fully understand your audience

Some types of content such as blog posts and social media content can survive the occasional backlash. A poorly social media post, for instance, is unlikely to seriously hurt your sales since it has a limited life online and not everyone will see it. Web copywriting isn’t as forgiving. Here, it takes just one mistake to lose thousands of customers. So, take time to fully understand your audience so you don’t make mistakes that may come back to hurt you.

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Don’t be left behind. Manufacturers who utilize web copywriting while observing the above tips enjoy not only higher profits but also faster growth.

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