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New eCommerce Website for The Dutch Kettle

The Dutch Kettle wanted to get more orders, but they had an outdated website that wasn't mobile responsive so Google wasn't going to show them any love. We built a new eCommerce website that thinks mobile first, just like Google. Now they have a better experience for their customers and more sales.
Everything You Know About Marketing Has Changed Part 1

Everything You Know About Marketing Has Changed Part 1

There was a time when marketing consisted of having a good product, shoveling out consistent advertising to get in front of people via print, news, and billboards, and then letting leads call in. Nowadays if you do that – you run the risk of not selling anything at all; learning the new rules of the […]
Elevate Your Online Marketing- Using Facebook and Your Website to Increase Traffic and Leads (1)

Elevate Your Online Marketing: Using Facebook and Your Website to Increase Traffic and Leads

In person workshop – Elevate Your Online Marketing The web changes quickly! What was relevant 2 years ago can be old today. Businesses need to stay current if they want to succeed online. Today one of the leaders on social media for business is Facebook. Every major buyer demographic is spending significant time on Facebook every […]

New Resource Center Blog for Permalatt Products

Permalatt Products, Inc. has officially launched their new Resource Center (blog site) developed by Digital Hill. Permalatt came to Digital Hill with the problem of low traffic volumes for their website, which in turn meant fewer leads and sales. The Digital Hill team developed a digital marketing strategy, of which a large piece of that strategy was to create a resource […]

5 Tips for your Website Home Page

What makes a great website home page?  Sometimes the best way to outline what you SHOULD do is to outline the key things you SHOULD NOT do. Is your website home page really working for you?  What’s the aim you have for it to accomplish?  The answer to that is really quite simple…. The goal […]

Great New App for Facebook Pages from TabSite

Our team at TabSite continues to roll-out innovative products and apps for Facebook pages!   TabSite today announced a new custom social engagement application,Website ReSizer, available to businesses and organizations of all sizes. The Website ReSizer Facebook app a solution for every company that spent money investing in their website and then wished they had the same functionality […]

Marketing Wheel Series Spoke #2: Paid Advertising Campaigns

  Marketing is much like a wheel in the sense that your website is the “hub”, and all of your other advertising are “spokes” pointing back to that hub. So far, we have looked at Social Media as Spoke #1. Today we will be looking at Spoke #2: Paid Advertising Campaigns. Not every business has […]

The Marketing Wheel: Part 1-The “Hub”

When you look at a typical, ordinary wheel, there are several parts. None of them are special or even functional on their own. If you look at the focal point of a wheel, everything leads back to one central point…the hub. The central point from which everything emanates is that center circle. All of the […]

Middlebury Trailers Launches New Website by Digital Hill

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Middlebury Trailers Debuts New Sleek Website Designed by Digital Hill Multimedia, Inc. Middlebury, IN, December 28, 2012 – Middlebury Trailers (MTI) is one of the premier manufacturers of cargo trailers in the North America. The new website,, showcases the complete line of steel and aluminum frame cargo trailers through a clean […]

Digital Hill Launches New Website for Ayr Custom Cabinetry

Press Release Ayr ~ Digital Hill ~ Website ~ Web Design ~ Nappanee The Ayr Custom Cabinetry was founded in 1965 in the heart of the Amish community in Nappanee, Indiana. Ayr has established itself as a leader in the Custom Cabinet marketplace. Visit for more information. The brand new Ayr Custom Cabinetry website […]