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Blogging Tools to Improve Traffic

Getting your blog noticed requires a strategic approach. Here are a few blogging tools that can get you at the top of search results.

Top Tips to Monetize Your WordPress Blog

Monetize your WordPress blog. We’v rounded up ideas to make money from your blog. All the top bloggers use these methods, and so should you.
Why You Need a Resource Center on your Website

Why You Need a Resource Center on your Website

So you have a website. It’s got a shiny new design, a few products and pages, a gallery and a few other bells and whistles. You can move on now, right? Actually, if you want your website to be a real marketing tool, that’s dead wrong. There are many reasons your website should be more […]
Two Critical Keys for your Business Website Today 600

Two Critical Keys for your Business Website Today

Key #1: Blogging is here to Stay, Make Sure Your Business is too In today’s consumer and information-based economy, a blog is a necessity for any successful business website. Blogs are an effective way to communicate about a product or a service or provide the viewer with important information regarding your industry. When presented with […]
8 ways

8 Easy Ways to Keep Visitors on Your Website

  Thanks to our friends over at Red Web Design for this helpful graphic! Avoid Excessive Advertising Ads can be a helpful monetizing tool, but too many are annoying! Make Your Website Lightning-Fast Many users are impatient and will leave if delayed. Reduce image sizes, use a caching plugin, and keep code clear of unnecessary […]
rules for creating content that generates lots of links

Creating Content That Gets Shared

  Content that gets a lot of backlinks is content that draws in many people. But what makes content interesting in the first place? Consider these seven factors: Original — If it’s never been seen before, then people are bound to find it interesting. Informative — No one likes fluff. Content that shares important information […]

12 Steps to an Optimized Blog Post

Every blogger wishes that hitting the publish key will magically result in torrents of traffic, comments and recommends. But as the saying goes, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. In other words, wishes won’t get you what you want, you have to take action. So, roll up your sleeves and get to work using these […]
How to Write Best Article Headlines

How to Write the Best Article Headlines

  Believe it or not, the title or headline of your article is the most important part. Did you know that out of all the people who read your headline, only 20% will click through and read the article? That number increases and decreases depending on how compelling your headline is. Check out this great […]
Best SEO Practices – Creating Compelling Titles

Best SEO Practices – Creating Compelling Titles

  When talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, the title of your post is incredibly important. If your title isn’t compelling, no one will click your post and read the amazing content. Keeping the importance of titles in mind, here are some ways you can use best SEO practices and create compelling titles. Search […]