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Facebook Developing Audio Only Room to Compete with Clubhouse

Audio only chat rooms are getting popular. Reports show that Facebook is developing audio only room, similar to Clubhouse. Learn why.

7 Ways Manufacturers Can Use Instagram To Grow Brand Awareness

Manufacturers can and should value social media marketing as a unique way to build brand awareness, grow revenue and reach new markets and audiences. A recent study of B2B marketing by Brightcove shows that 87% of B2B brands and manufacturers engage in some form of social media marketing.  It works…if you do it right. New […]
rules for creating content that generates lots of links

Creating Content That Gets Shared

  Content that gets a lot of backlinks is content that draws in many people. But what makes content interesting in the first place? Consider these seven factors: Original — If it’s never been seen before, then people are bound to find it interesting. Informative — No one likes fluff. Content that shares important information […]
Optimize Your Facebook Page For Branding And Engagement

Optimize Your Facebook Page For Branding And Engagement

You probably have a Facebook page for your business, but is it optimized for search, branding and engagement? Here are some simple pointers to optimize your Page. 1. Personalize Your Facebook Page Cover Image This is a no-brainer. If you don’t have a personalized Facebook page with a good-looking, custom cover image and logo for […]
The Power Of Going Deep Into Your Niche (1)

The Power Of Going Deep Into Your Niche

Think about it. If a company is selling sporting goods, does it make sense to market to people who have no interest in skiing or golf? No. Why waste time and money trying to engage an audience that has no use for its products? And why waste precious resources chasing a market share it will […]
Your Ideal Customer and How To Solve Their Problems 600

Your Ideal Customer and How To Solve Their Problems

Quality nearly always trumps quantity, especially when it comes to customers. Though it’s good to have a big clientele base, it’s still better to attract your business’s ideal customers because they: become repeat customers grow loyal to your business refer your business to people they know require low maintenance and minimal support upgrade to your […]
Video Shifts in Social Media (1)

Video Shifts in Social Media

As 2015 begins, it ‘s important to look at recent shifts in social media and what your business can do to take advantage of new trends for the coming year to reach potential customers. One of these changing trends is video in social media. We’ll take a look at what’s changed, what the opportunities are, […]

Facebook Key Stats at the 10 Year Anniversary

Facebook recently passed the 10 year milestone!  With that history let’s take a look at the present day data on Facebook…. Below is a great infographic from Top Marketing Schools.  A few keys that stood out to me include: Top Facebook fast facts 67% of all American internet users use Facebook. In the UK it […]

Great New App for Facebook Pages from TabSite

Our team at TabSite continues to roll-out innovative products and apps for Facebook pages!   TabSite today announced a new custom social engagement application,Website ReSizer, available to businesses and organizations of all sizes. The Website ReSizer Facebook app a solution for every company that spent money investing in their website and then wished they had the same functionality […]

Digital Hill to Present: Facebook for Business; Tools & Tips for Marketing on Facebook

Troy Rumfelt and Mike Gingerich of Digital Hill Multimedia, developers of TabSite, will presenting at The Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce on September 7, 2011. The two hour seminar will begin at 8 AM and will cover the following subjects: Understanding of Facebook options for Businesses Clarity on strategies, tools, and potential uses Vital […]