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Affordable Small Business Website -

Affordable Small Business Website – ApplianceTech-Inc

In the modern world, virtually all businesses need an online web presence. When searching for information regarding a company or product, the first place many people will look is via a Google Search. Websites, however, can seem like a big hurdle, especially for a small business. Designed by Digital Hill, Appliance Tech Inc.’s new one-page […]
Our Newest Website -315

Our Newest Website BalancedGrowth

Crisp, clean, and to-the-point, the website created for Chicago consulting firm Balanced Growth is succinct, professional and client-focused. Over the course of 5 decades, Balanced Growth’s mission has been to provide long-lasting value and innovative operations solutions to clients in the insurance, healthcare, nonprofit, financial, and associations sectors. Our newest website serves as an […]
Website Development for Hurricane Boats and Godfrey Pontoon Boats

Website Development for Hurricane Boats and Godfrey Pontoon Boats

Managing multiple websites separately can be a pain for a marketing team. With different logins and possibly dealing with different content management systems, it is hard to create a cohesive multi-site strategy. A multi-site web system simplifies things. You use one login to access all sites. Under one account, you are granted the power to […]
google search goes mobile-first-315

Google Search Goes Mobile First

Accessing the internet on mobile devices has officially overtaken desktop access. Not quite sure if this matters? Take a look at the latest big search change from Google. The search engine giant announced it would release a mobile search separate from its desktop search. Indexing a site is the process of scanning a website to […]
Powerful Website Systems: - 315

Powerful Website Systems: CommodoreHomes . com

Commodore Homes’ new site helps visitors get to the home of their dreams faster. Specializing in modular home design, Commodore Homes needed to put the tools to design and customize homes into the hands of customers. Therefore, we built powerful website systems: with the user in mind.  The website includes these advanced tools designed […]
Digital Hill's Newest Website_ - 315

Local Business Website Design:

constan Introducing Digital Hill’s newest website build. Select Sewing Service is a company that connects consumers with various sewing products, machines, and classes in the greater Indianapolis area. The website’s design reflects the business with a creative, stitched theme throughout the web pages. Website Design Features: Photo Gallery – A photo gallery is a […]
What your New Business Website Needs to be Successful -315

What your New Business Website Needs to be Successful

Are you starting a new business or division and need a website? Is your current website dated? Or does it need a facelift with new tools? There are some important factors to take into consideration as you look ahead to a new site. These factors will help distinguish you from your competition, make your site […]
Multilingual, Multitool Website_ 315

Multilingual, Multitool Website:

This is another post in our “What we do on the Web” Series of blogs about our Digital Hill advanced website tools where we showcase some of the “beyond standard” tools for websites that we create for clients nationally. Founded in 1952, Chore-Time is focused on bringing improved productivity to the egg and poultry industry […]
Two Critical Keys for your Business Website Today 600

Two Critical Keys for your Business Website Today

Key #1: Blogging is here to Stay, Make Sure Your Business is too In today’s consumer and information-based economy, a blog is a necessity for any successful business website. Blogs are an effective way to communicate about a product or a service or provide the viewer with important information regarding your industry. When presented with […]
6 Myths (and the Truth!) About SEO in 2016 (1)

6 Myths (and the Truth!) About SEO in 2016

Search engine optimization has drastically evolved over the past few years – transitioning from what was once a simple strategy to a sophisticated method of marketing. This evolutionary process has brought a bit of confusion regarding the true rules of SEO. Don’t be confused – I’m here to clear the air around this powerful marketing […]