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Website Software Launch: Personal Wealth Index Online Tool

New Personal Wealth Index website software is live! Digital Hill is pleased to announce the website software launch for Personal Wealth Index Financial Advisor tool. PersonalWealthIndex.com is a website that creates a personal wealth report for potential clients and current clients of Financial Advisors which subscribe to the site. The Wealth Index is a customized report designed to […]
Digital Hill and City of Goshen

Digital Hill Awarded City of Goshen Website Redesign Contract

Digital Hill Awarded Website Redesign for City of Goshen Digital Hill Multimedia, Inc. has been awarded the contract to redesign the city of Goshen’s website, as mentioned by both the Goshen News and Elkhart Turth. The website redesign will improve many existing features and add new management features enabling the city to continually update and keep […]
How to Create an Ecommerce Website for Maximum Sales

How to Create an Ecommerce Website for Maximum Sales

Digital Hill is your local expert for developing user-friendly e-commerce website design solutions for your business. We listen to your needs and develop an individualized site made for your products and customer’s needs. The 8-Second Window 8 seconds that’s all you have, according to Zona Research. They released a study that stated, users will stick around […]
Mobile Marketing: The Impact of Smartphones

Mobile Marketing: The Impact of Smartphones

Just in case you didn’t know, April 21st Google is improving the ranking for websites that are mobile friendly. Mobile responsive websites will rank higher in the search engine than a non-responsive website. Why is Google putting so much emphasis on mobile? Smartphones. Today’s infographic gives some shocking statistics on the impact Smartphones and specifically […]
E-Commerce Website Launch for Down Direct

E-Commerce Website Launch for Down Direct

Have you ever stayed at a hotel and wished you could take the pillow or comforter home? That’s what Down Direct e-commerce website brings to you. You can order pillows, sheets, and other bedding items found in hotels across America through the Down Direct® website. Who is Down Direct Down Direct® designs and manufactures beautiful down bedding […]

Digital Hill’s New Website CMS

Do you know what CMS stands for? If not, it stands for Content Management System (CMS), sometimes referred to as a back-end system. It allows you to control the content on your website. Having a Content Management System (CMS) is very important in today’s world as most search engines are looking for recent (up to date) relevant […]

Is Your Website Losing Money?

You have a website for a reason… to get leads and make money. But what if your current website is losing money for you? Here are some things you need to know to make sure your website gives your customers and potential customers the best user experience possible. 1. Make sure your website content is […]

Financial Service Business Transforms Online Business Services

Wealth Financial Group came to Digital Hill wanting to transform their business, literally. From name to style and a massive upgrade in online Advisor features, the list was forward thinking! Their list of changes included: New Business Name and website domain to implement New branding and business identity More services & resources to Advisors in […]

Google Search Ranking Change to Favor Mobile Friendly Sites

April 21, 2015 is a big day on the web! Mobile friendly sites will begin to rank higher in Google Search results starting that day! For those newer to how Google’s Search ranking works, here’s a quick guide: Google’s “Algorithm” is their set of secret rules and ranking priorities that determines Google search result ranking […]

New Responsive Website For Goshen Electric Has Launched

Digital Hill Multimedia Inc. is excited to announce the lunch of the new responsive website for Goshen Electric, Inc. The company Goshen Electric  now has a fresh and newly designed website for desktop, mobile and tablet users. Goshen Electric came to Digital Hill with the need to improve and enhance their digital presence and we here at Digital Hill knew actually how […]