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Use social media to boost PR.

How Your Business Can Use Social Media to Boost PR

Keep your customers updated about your business. Start with your social media platforms. Try these tips on using social media to boost PR.
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How to Build Your Brand With Social Media

Strong branding drives business awareness and increase customer loyalty. Here are steps you can take to build your brand with social media.
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Will Gides be the Social Media Platform of 2021?

Will Gides be the social media platform of 2021? Over time, social media platforms have been used widely in digital marketing. Various platforms go hand-in-hand with digital marketing campaigns and strategies. However, these platforms are far from being static, and current ways of use with your marketing may not provide the same results down the […]
10 tips for building a great social media presence.

10 Tips for Building a Great Social Media Presence

Find customers and grow with solid social media marketing. Here are 10 insightful tips to help build a great social media presence.

Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugins for your Business

Make it easy for website visitors to visit your social media channels. For WordPress there are many Social Sharing Plugins. Here are 7 top options to try.
Why Dealers and Manufacturers Should Claim Their Instagram Handle-315

Why Dealers and Manufacturers Should Claim Their Instagram Handle

If you’re not on Instagram, your business isn't reaching an active, online audience. Learn why you should claim your Instagram handle.
Press Release for Game Plan for Social Media Lead Generation - 315

Press Release: Game Plan for Social Media Lead Generation

January 3, 2017, Goshen, IN — Well-known speaker, social media marketer, and Facebook marketing pro, Mike Gingerich launches his latest book, Game Plan for Social Media Lead Generation. This guide is specially written for businesses looking to succeed on social media networks. Many entrepreneurs are mistaken about how to make social media work for them. They […]
Chamber University - Social Media for Business: What's the latest and working now

Social Media for Business: What’s the latest and working now?

In person learning opportunity! The social media landscape shifts at a fast pace — so fast that you’d get lost without a guide to help you navigate the changes as they happen. But I’m here to help, which is why I’m inviting you to join me on November 9, Wednesday, at the Goshen Chamber of […]