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Boosting Lead Generation Using Automation

Lead generation is undoubtedly the backbone of every successful business. As businesses grow, so should their lead generation strategies and channels. Traditionally, businesses relied on radio commercials, print marketing materials, and billboards to generate leads. However, the current customer journey is changing. In fact, 73% of modern customers buy experiences rather than products. Unfortunately, only […]

How to Use AI Technology to Generate Traffic

Learn how to use AI to discover new ideas and optimize your articles for search engines. Try these tips on AI technology to generate traffic.

Tips to Increase Lead Generation using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful platform to build connections and expand business. Here are some ideas to increase lead generation using LinkedIn.
Why landing pages are better for marketing than webpages.

Why Landing Pages Are Better for Marketing than Webpages

Landing pages are specifically designed for converting leads from inbound marketing traffic. Here are the top 5 things you can achieve with a landing page.

How OptinMonster integrates with WordPress to Increase Lead Generation

Convert your website visitors into leads, sales, or subscribers. Here are 6 ways OptinMonster integrates with WordPress to boost revenue.

Free Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Website

Generate traffic to your website takes consistency and dedication. With the right channels, get quality visitors, convert them and boost sales, all for free.

5 Flaws to Avoid to Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Initiate interest in your products or services with a well-designed landing page. Avoid these 5 flaws to increase your landing page conversion rate.

What is SMS Text Marketing and Why You Should Consider It

SMS text marketing is emerging as a highly reliable way to connect with customers. Learn 4 reasons why to add text messaging to your digital marketing.
Engage your Fans on Social Media to Grow Leads - 315

Engage your Fans on Social Media to Grow Leads

You have a challenging task in front of you, taking your sales team from good to great. Lead generation resources are plentiful and make it easier to accomplish this goal, but you still have a long road to get from point A to point B. Want to short circuit this process and get the results […]
How to Track Conversions with Google Analytics 315

How to Track Conversions with Google Analytics

If you’re selling a product or service online, or using your website for lead generation, then you’ll want to track conversions. What are conversions? Simply put, it’s when a visitor (new or returning) comes to your website and is “converted” to a lead prospect or a customer. For example, someone signing up for your email […]