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Create Blog and Social Images with these Online Tools

Images and photos are so very important in online marketing and social media!! The eye is attracted to images more so than text, and one scientific study has documented that people are able to recall 80% of what they see and only 30% of what they read. On Facebook, for example, not only do photo posts get more […]

RSS-to-Email: Deliver Blog Posts to Site Visitors Inbox

Every business wants to increase traffic to their website. One way that businesses and organizations can increase website visits and readership of their blog posts is by encouraging visitors that do come to the site to subscribe to get alerts of new posts via email. The method to do this is called RSS-to-Email. It works […]

Create and Edit Social Media Images with your Smartphone

I’ve talked in past posts about the importance of using images in online media.  From the images on your website to using images in social media for your business, the bottom line is that images work. Photos tell a story at a glance and provide a much better method of drawing visitors in than does text only.  […]

How Mobile is your Website?

Central to a company’s online presence is their website. No longer is the web primarily a place accessed by users on desktop or laptop computers.  Now, the majority of web use is via smartphones and mobile devices such as iPads and tablets.  This significant shift to smaller, portable and always on-demand web access is forcing […]

Understanding Digital Marketing

Understanding digital marketing, keywords, retargeting or how to best design and code your website, social media, and everything else that is part of internet marketing can be confusing to a business owner. Not only is it confusing, but the rules change regularly. Finding out who is qualified to do internet marketing for you can be […]

The 3 Keys to a Digital Marketing Power Strategy

Need more leads?  Trying to attract a wider audience?  The key is a cohesive digital marketing strategy. Most times when I’m invited to do consulting or a digital marketing audit, one of the first findings is that the marketing is splintered.  What is done on Facebook is not connected to the strategies used on the […]

How Search Optimization has Changed

You’re familiar with searching for things online.  Whether a question you have, or a product you want, or for doing cost comparisons.   In fact, the word “Google” has become a verb for doing an online search!  You’ve likely heard this before, “just google it!” The Basics: Any time a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or […]

March Social Media Workshop Event for Businesses

DATE: Tuesday, March 4 – 8-11:30 a.m. at the Elkhart Chamber Practical, tactical, and empowering workshop to help businesses take advantage of the power of social media as a way to market their business. • Wanting to use Social Media strategically in your business? • Trying to determine what social networks to be on? • Having trouble […]

How To Create a Loyal Customer Community Online

Social Media can help a business grow a community of fans interested in your products and services.  The social interaction can increase loyalty, retention, top-of-mind awareness, and ultimately increase sales and sustain long-term client relationships. There is work to do this, however! Many marketers jump on Social Media and expect instant results. They often see […]

Businesses Must Niche Target Digital Marketing

The days of general broadcast messages online are over.  It’s important for businesses, if they want to be effective online, to identify their target audience and communicate specifically in ways that are relevant to that audience.  There may be more than one target audience for a business or even a product, and each audience needs […]